What results can you expect to get out of therapy?

woman in office sitting with another woman who is looking out the window

Sometimes, when I call back in response to a message left on my voicemail, I can tell that the person has no inkling of what psychotherapy is. Other times, all the person knows is that they are overwhelmed, and have been told they need anti-depressants, or their intimate partner is insisting on therapy. So, here…

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Racism Affects All of Us – An Essay about Micro Agression

group of people of mixed color

This personal essay was written by me during the continuing political and racial unrest of 2021, then published in fort da (2021). Happy reading…..Kalpana While writing the Letter from the Editor for this issue of fort da, and thinking about the ways identity, including race and culture, influence psychoanalytic thinking and technique, I received an…

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Making it Count

edge of clock with text make it count

The spin instructor implores his class – “Make it count!”. “Don’t regret it later”, he adds. His message is clear – make this moment in time useful, give it your all. Mary Oliver says it a little differently in her poem about a Summer’s Day. Excerpt is taken from her poem: Tell me, what else…

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How Psychotherapy Can Help With Marriage Counseling

woman and man sitting on couch looking apprehensive

Learn to hear and be heard effectively A marriage friendly therapist helps the couple communicate better after understanding the emotions of both partners. The couple learns to recognize each person’s feelings about difficult topics, and learns to hear and be heard effectively. This dramatically de-escalates tensions and fights. Then the work begins – to really…

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How Psychotherapy Can Help You Overcome Depression

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Medication doesn’t have to be the first stop in treatment. Doctors routinely treat depression symptoms by handing out prescriptions for anti-depressants. The pharmacology industry and insurance business as well as popular culture and media have made medication the first step in treating depression. There are people who really need medication to be able to get…

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