Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in danger of being harmed or harming yourself, please call 988.

If you need to talk to someone urgently about suicidal thoughts, ideas or simply don’t know who to talk to, you can call the Suicide and Crisis Hotline for Santa Clara County at 1-855-278-4294.

If you need to be assessed by a psychiatrist immediately, please go to the nearest Emergency Room at a hospital close to you.

Therapy provides a safe space to reflect and talk about the most important areas of one’s life.

The therapist and client meet for fifty-minute sessions on a weekly or as-needed basis. Together, they explore and work through stuck areas, conflicts, and patterns of dysfunctional behavior. People learn about healthier relating through better work-life balance and communication. Couples develop awareness into the subtle dynamics of their relationships. Parents gain different insights into their children’s behaviors.

Therapy can help people have more productive lives, improve relationships, and enjoy a richer quality of life.

The following are some of the changes in life and signs of distress that motivate people to call for an appointment.


  • Emotional stress, anxiety, or panic
  • Depression, guilt, or isolation
  • Moodiness or irritability
  • Grief and loss

Health Issues

  • Unexplained fatigue or difficulty coping
  • Rundown or worn-out
  • Headaches and stomach problems
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Unusual eating patterns

Family Challenges

  • Behavioral problems of children
  • Addictive patterns
  • Raising small children
  • Pregnancy blues
  • Failed relationships
  • Pre-marital compatibility issues
  • Family tensions and conflict
  • Divorce or separation

Work and Culture

  • Career success frustrations
  • Difficulty in work relationships

My charge for a 45-to-50-minute session is in the $300 range. Payment is due in full at the end of each session, or monthly as agreed upon. I accept checks and cash in person, or payment via Zelle. 

I do not accept any insurance. I apologize for the inconvenience. My business is based on fee-for-service. If necessary, I can provide you with a monthly invoice/superbill to submit to insurance companies, but reimbursement to you depends on many things including your diagnosis, the plan your company has with the insurance company, and the coverage you have.

When we have a time set aside for you, that is your time until you choose to give it up and you are financially responsible for the time. In case of a need to cancel, I ask you to please give me a week’s notice.

When you come in for the first visit, we will go over the usual confidentiality that mental health professionals hold – everything you and I discuss is confidential with exceptions to assure that children and older adults are not abused and get the help they need, as well as the ability to get you the help you need should you be disabled by thoughts of self-harm or harm to others.

If you should need me to talk to your physician, teacher, or other health professional, there will be a written consent form that needs to be signed.

As always, when people commit to the work, they see great results. I see different kinds of clients for different situations. Many of the people who work with me are already high functioning and are looking for ways to improve their lives. Others have landed themselves in a crisis and trying to get back to their usual lives. Many of my clients start working with me during a crisis, but find the work to be a valuable part of their lives, not just building back to who they were, but setting foundations for who they want to be.

Some of the individuals and couples have worked with me for up to 1 to 2 years, getting under and around traumas such as adoption, affairs, anxiety, depression, difficulty with their parents, anger and hopelessness in their intimate relationships, and obsessive-compulsive thinking. Other individuals, like some in senior positions in leading technology companies, attorneys, doctors, managers in the Tech world, women who run homes and families, and engineers have worked with me for more than 4 – 5 years, and their investment in the work has paid off in promotions, rapid success in their field, as well as much more financial and emotional success.

Some couples or individuals work with me for a few months and see their symptoms resolve when they can understand the roots of stresses and thus take better care of themselves. Some couples do use therapy to end their marriages when appropriate and I help them to get re-established in their lives. Many seek my help to get insight into building a better life.

I have worked with engineers, doctors, lawyers, licensed therapists, home makers, creative people, foster youth, artistic and creative people and those in the tech world. Many of my clients are not in a crisis when they come in, but in a space where they are dis-satisfied with their lives and want more for themselves and their families. Young couples have been wise to invest in pre-marital counseling to avoid larger mistakes down the road and also flag hot areas for them to be aware of.

Changes can be quick during crises and when not in crisis, small changes can add up to reduce deeper psychological conflicts, promote peace, reduce conflicts, and build stable relationships and lives.

Within the first few sessions, we can decide on the goals for the process and decide on resources to commit to the time and work together. This is a collaborative process and the goals can be flexible or limited as we decide. Thank you for your interest in my work.